A company established in Naples, in 1985 as a Ship Management Company and structured to offer services to Fratelli D'Amato S.p.A., Perseveranza S.p.A. di Navigazione and Aurora Shipping Shipowners.

The service quality provided, induced the owners to entrust the company the New Building Development Process and Suddendly the Full Management of their vessels.

The Technical and Crew Management expertise enables the company to provide professional management to types of ships such as Bulk Carriers and Tankers.

Since 2001 S.S.S operates in the ship management field indipendently and its skiful combination of technical and administrative business has made the Company well know for its profitable and efficient operation of the ships.

Piazza Municipio, 84
80133 - Naples (Italy)
Tel. #39 081/5423311
Fax #39 081/5423354
Email: operation@sssdam.com
VAT IT 06681950637