Provide crew for almost every type of vessel including sophisticated LNG    carriers, chemical and product tankers ,crude oil, bulk carriers and
   container vessels.
   Mainly sourced from Philippines, India, Montenegro, Romania and Ucraina.
Provide suitable , qualified crew as required by the Owners and in accordance    with the STCW 95 requirements.
Select and engage the ship’s crew, provide for payroll arrangements, social    contribution and other dues to the seafarers and payment to their country of    domicile.
Ensure that the application of the Flag’s state requirements are satisfied in    respect of the rank, manning levels and certification of the crew.
Ensure that the crew have passed the medical fitness examination prior to    embark the vessel as required by the National regulation.
Ensure that crew have a good command of English sufficient to perform their    duties.
Provide to insure the crew for all risks with primary insurance company.
Ensure a Cadet training scheme.

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