Ships Surveys and services srl offers services where proven Vetting ,ISM and ISO implementation and preparation experience can be drawn upon by companies whose vessels are due for inspection or audits while trading worldwide.

The company also offers several accredited crew training programs that include simplified course with video lessons that allow the crew to be certified according the STCW 95 requirements.

S.S.S staff of Master Mariners, marine engineers, and marine safety professionals are ready for service and may be deployed where ever a need arises.
S.S.S.  provides expert consultancy services, including:
Ship inspections, including vetting, pre-vetting, valuation, condition surveys, ISM
   and ISO Audits
ISM Code, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 System development and oversight
System development and oversight Italian lan DLG 271/93 and DLG 155/97
Preparation for Port State & Vetting Inspection Training Course
Ship Security, including assessment (ISPS) audit and preparation SOPEP (Shipboard    oil Pollution emergency plan)
Ship Security Officer Training Course
Pre-purchase Inspections
On-site supervision for new-buildings
Ship conversion oversight
Dry-dock repair supervision
Lay-up ship maintenance and reactivation
Specifications and plan approval
Water ballast Management Plan ( IMO RES. A.868)
Testing /Commissioning equipment infrared N.D.T.
EDP consultancy and technical management